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A few days before my audition , I was scrolling through the internet and I found something about the Industry Network . So I decided to take a look at it, found out they were having auditions near to where I live , so I decided to go.

I got free head shots and auditioned for singing and acting , got a callback. When we went up to talk to the guy who judged us , he said I could do both programs, and then it added up to about 800 or whatever. I dont remember , anyways I voiced out that I was worried about the money , because I knew that my mom wouldn't be able to afford that , so he said that he will cover one program ( singing ) so we paid for acting ( 595) . Anyways I got to meet 2 coaches that went through the program , one of them went through it and a year later has a movie role.

Anyways it came to the audition were we performed in front of the agents and I got a callback , they said that I was going to LA and I told them I needed time to think about it and they gave me until Friday. I am torn about going in Jan.2020 or not. I dont know if the hotel is included or either. and im scared that I would be wasting my money and i know that my parents cant afford to be scammed, but you know the money we paid in the beginning , we minus that off of the money we are paying for LA , and it is 2038 and thats mot included on airfare and ground transportation or food.

I know this is my dream and what i want to do and i have worked so hard to earn everything in my life so PLEASE HELP ME OUT , should I take this opportunity or not and after reading all the reviews , im so scared.

i need your advice please .

HELP!!! `

Reason of review: Affordability.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

The Industry Network Pros: Over abundance of agents and managers, Learned a lot from classes, Local people, Covered singing bc i couldnt afford to pay both.

The Industry Network Cons: Not guaranteed to get signed, Have to pay around 3000, Not clear on some parts like hotel is inlcuded or not, Should include airfare and hotel and food, Pick times where teens and kids dont have school or work.

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The opportunity is worth it if you are serious about what you are there to do. BE READY.

Have your material down and be ready to impress.

If it is just something that you are considering and not that serious about pursuing then I guarantee the money will not be worth it. But if you are ready to move to LA tomorrow and start working then it is definitely a worthwhile experience to be seen by so many agents at once.